Monday, June 7, 2010

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Lauren Bagliore Design House

Posted by Kathe Lemon in Culture Snacks on May 14 2010 16:02

Designer Lauren Bagliore.

Moving away from New York to Calgary is not a typical move for a designer launching her own fashion line, but Lauren Bagliore has made the move work for her.

Earlier this spring, Bagliore showed her fall collection for Lauren Bagliore Design House to two very receptive and full audiences of both interested clients and retailers in Calgary. The rumour is that several local and national boutiques including the big guns of Holt Renfrew showed very strong interest in her work.

The highlights of the collection included chic and functional coats and gorgeous multifunctioning dresses. I'm not usually a big fan of garments that purport to transition from one piece to another (it's a hat, it's a skirt, it's a dress - no, it's just a disaster). But Bagliore's pieces are beautifully made and truly do work in their many manifestations. The Desiree Endless Dress works perfectly as a skirt, a dress with long sleeves and a halter. It's an idea that coincides perfectly with the current trends of doing more with less and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Bagliore's background having worked with Zac Posen and Vivienne Westwood shows in her design aesthetic and her attention to detail. These are truly design-oriented pieces.

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Desiree Endless dress.

Kyushi silk dress.