Monday, June 7, 2010

Calgary Herald

Ooh la la! We love Lauren Bagliore, American in Calgary-Couture

By Theresa Tayler Thu, May 20 2010 COMMENTS(0) AFASHIONADO

She's trained with Vivienne Westwood in London, Zac Posen in New York, and now Lauren Bagliore has has her own self-titled line and 2010 collection, Un Bagliore di Speranza (Ray of Hope), on fine boutique racks in New York, South Carolina and Italy.

So why is this Italian/American, NYC born and bred, couture-trained designer hanging out in Calgary, selling to private clients and courting buyers from Holt Renfrew?

Why, it's Amore! (of course). Bagliore's hubby is a born and bred Albertan lad, so the designer splits her time between NYC and Calgary where she lives, draws, creates and aims to empower women through pieces designed for self-assured, modern, fashion-forward females.

I caught up with Bagliore at her downtown condo over a cuppa green tea. She even let me try a few pieces on. Word to the fashion-wise - when trying on a Lauren Bagliore don't be alarmed when you feel fashion and comfort collide - she uses luxurious fabrics including Italian textiles and sleek silks mixed with soft jerseys.

Bagliore is seen here relaxing in her living room wearing the Desiree, a convertible "endless" dress, and one of her jewlery pieces. The Desiree is a black matte, poly-jersey and Italian grey rayon garment which can be worn at least five ways (off the shoulder, as a halter, crop style, skirt... the list goes on).

The jet-setting designer attributes her style to to her advanced draping and cutting technique, which she has perfected to make women of all sizes look tailored and beautiful while feeling sexy and individual. The price point runs from about $400 to thousands depending on the piece of clothing, Bagliore's necklaces start at about $250.

Bagliore is in NYC for the summer, seeing over her design house and launching her collection. Come fall she'll be back in Calgary and ready to clothe you. Keep reading the Calgary Herald's Real Life pages and aFASHIONado to find out where you will be able to get a Bagliore of your own.