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Fashion Inspired Costumes

Heather Toskan for asked Lauren some questions about her Halloween plans...

"If I were going to dress as a designer it would be either as Dame Westwood, with a flaming Venetian red wig and a propaganda-themed tattered tee... or I would dress as John Galliano, with his Dali-inspired moustache and flair for the dramatic," says New York and Calgary-based Lauren Bagliore, a respected fashion designer herself.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video from Toronto Fashion Week!

TOFW: Lauren Bagliore SS2011 from istoica on Vimeo.

Courtest of Istoica on

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Ms. FABulous

Lauren Bagliore's Barbarella Girls

Friday, October 29, 2010

Black, white and grey are the holy trinity of colors for the fashion crowds.That infallible formula was also on the mind of designer Lauren Bagliore for her Spring 2011 collection. The collection appropriately named,The Resurrection: From the Dark to the Light by Lauren Bagliore.
Stunning models in Barbarella-esque updos rocked hard bodies and flashed their flirty black liner winged eyes down the catwalk.
A black asymmetrical suit with Thierry Mugler like wasp waist was highlighted with a side panel of vertical thin nautical stripes adorned one model. Another stern looking model wore a prim, fitted sleeve Victorianinspired blouse with a multiude of covered buttons and inset of leather down the center. This was topped over shiny patent leather like dhoti pants. The dreaded dhoti pant seemed to crop up in a few designers collections we saw in Canada.

Thankfully that trend along with harem pants died a quick death in U.S last year.

An intricately constructed black bolero style jacket was topped over a while maillot suit and paired over mid calf high heel boots. It was a sweet and hard look at the same time.
Cowl neck halter dresses in thigh grazing lengths were counterbalanced by a covered up hooded top that the model transformed into a loose turtle neck. There were flattering options with asymmetrical lengths in skirts and dresses which were draped and pegged, adding drama and interest to basic colors.

My favorite dress was worn by an elegant blonde model. It was twisted and asymmetrically hemmed to the waist and paired over killer platform pumps. When she turned around, the back was even more dramatic with undulating folds forming from the fitted back bodice and a short hem. The dress had a lot going on but, somehow, it worked.
Lauren added a couple of pale taupe print dresses at the end of the presentation which added softness to the collection and options for her customers.

The designer ended the presentation and came in one of her dresses looking entirely lovely and elegant even next to her towering blond model.

There was something very Manhattan about the collection. Of course, we discovered later that this talented designer was once a New Yorker and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Up & Comer LAUREN BAGLIORE Shines Light on Toronto Fashion Week

28 October 2010

Lauren Bagliore's second collection which she debuted at Spring 2011 Toronto fashion week shows that she is no amateur designer. Her asymmetrical lines, intricately draped jersey dresses and soft tailored pieces came in shades of black, white and grey. The play on light and dark moments present throughout the collection was inspired by “The Resurrection: From the Dark to the Light.” After experiencing major family tragedies this past years, the designer looked within and created a collection that spoke true to her aesthetic. As she puts it so nicely, "I love creating edgy, fashion-forward designs and clothes that are beautifully draped and wonderfully cut. I want women to feel sexy and unique, but also comfortable in my clothes."

Lauren is a friend and native New Yorker. She currently lives in Calgary where she runs her design studio. She splits her time between the two cities. Before launching her own line in Fall 2010, Lauren trained with designers Vivienne Westwood in London and Zac Posen in New York.

We can definitely be certain that we will be seeing a lot more of Lauren Bagliore's work. Her sharp aesthetic, attention to the littlest details and determination are part of a humble start that is sure to take this designer very far.










Laurenbagliorespring2011......all photos courtesy Lauren Bagliore

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Corduroy Magazine - Ten Questions!

Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer ‘11: Ten Questions With… Lauren Bagliore

We’re playing “Ten Questions” with designers taking part in Toronto Fashion Week, which ended last week. New York to Calgary-transplant Lauren Bagliore debuted an ambitious collection of beautiful, feminine frocks, that was borne out of personal tragedy, but evolved into something ethereal. Here is how Bagliore answered our Fashion Week questionnaire.

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
Definitely not enough. I think my body is still trying to catch-up from the last three months of extra hard work and from travelling and running my business between New York and Calgary. I could use some beauty rest, but it will have to wait till after the next few weeks. Now is not the time to be sleeping beauty.

What was the inspiration for this new collection?
There is not one thing that I am influenced by when I design–my influences are all encompassing; they are all around me. They can be people, art, places that have impacted me, and mainly–my personal life experiences I have endured. When I am creating a new collection, I start with a blank canvas so-to-speak. I try to begin “fresh;” I do not look at trends or follow what others are doing. My inspiration really comes from within. I look at my life and reflect with what I have been though the last while–and contemplate what I have learned. When I ponder a specific life-theme, I then begin to draw from it creatively.

For example, for this season I contemplated the concepts of life and death, as I had endured not just one but some major family tragedies this past year. It was just horrid. I almost did not do this collection. But then, after some time, I persevered though and came up with the concept of “La Risurrezione: Dalla Scura Alla Luce” which means, “The Resurrection: From the Dark to the Light.” I thought, “What have I learned from this experience? What story can I tell through my work –though creation– that can offer something of integrity that is truthful to me? And from this experience, from what I have endured personally, what can I create — even from the most ugly of experiences — that translates to be beautiful? What can I share, coming out of the ashes and into to beauty? So this is what this Collection is about. And you can see and experience the transformation from dark to light both figuratively and literally, not just in the colour-palette but in how the collection evolves on the runway.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?
I would have to say that my favourite piece from the collection is tied between the Athena toga gown and the Jill Marie asymmetrical draped dress. The Jill Marie dress is made of luxurious Italian black viscose jersey and has an ‘architectural’ feel but is also very fluid in how I draped it. It really boasts a subtly-sexy silhouette, with bat-wing-like draped panels at back. It is a strong piece and is a gorgeous alternative to any black dress. It is bold yet completely feminine–created with my special draping technique that is very signature. I feel that this piece that it best reflects the Lauren Bagliore look, as I love draping in jersey fabrications. It just feels natural for me and I really come alive as a designer when creating a piece like this.

What is one thing you can’t live without during fashion week?
I really need some peace amidst the hustle and bustle of everything going on around me during fashion week. No matter how much work I have to do, I really have to make intentional moments to have some quiet time. It really helps keep me grounded despite the seemingly millions of details that need my attention. I also really appreciate having a hot bubble bath soak–with lots of bath salts and lavender oil at the end of the day–even if it is at a crazy hour. I try to make time to allow myself that special treat!

Now that fashion week is over for you, what do you do to relax?
Now is the time to really work to maintain the contacts we have, to make new ones, and to really follow-up with the momentum from the show. This is still the time to shine.

What is your favorite fashion film?
Don’t have one…but any of Lady Gaga’s videos tell a story of fashion through her art, and I just love seeing the costumes she comes up with. I love that she is a girl from New York — like me — and has a big dream as well. She wears what she wants, and appreciates the talent of emerging designers. I love that as a music artist and entertainer, Lady Gaga presents herself as having a love for the avant-garde in fashion. I would love to make her something myself.

Who is someone (dead or alive) that you would love to dress?
Aside from Lady Gaga, I would love to dress Agyness Deyn. She is not just a model but a personality and she says it in how she dresses. I just love her style, her spunk, and her personality–she just rocks any look with confidence –very true to what we do and what we represent at Lauren Bagliore.

Our magazine is based on the idea that a corduroy jacket never goes out of style. What else “never goes out of style?
Wearing something you love and feel good in, year after year, but reinventing it in a new way on yourself. I believe that if you wear it with confidence, then it NEVER goes out of style. Never. Forget what the trends seemingly dictate. Wear it, and rock it confidently and boldly, and then no one can tell you it is is out of style. Let it become part of you, part of your unique signature look. You can put that in your corduroy jacket pocket. Then you certainly will be good to go.

What are three key pieces to buy for spring 2011?
Something with stripes to make a statement, a convertible piece that can be worn more than one way (like our Desiree Endless dress that can be worn as a cowl neck top, as a tunic, as a halter dress, hooded funnel neck, tube dress etc.), and also, of course, a signature Lauren Bagliore Wilhelmina WaSPY draped Trench for the Spring rainy season in our high-tech Japanese hematite black water resistant nylon! Trust me, it is interesting and beautiful enough to wear as a layering piece in less inclement weather as well!

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
Wear something to flatter your body so that you will feel good about yourself in what you are wearing. Do not fret to try to fit in a certain ’size’ just for the sake of a label. Every designer cuts differently. Do not let a size label define you. Wear what suits your shape. You, my dear, are unique–unlike anybody else. Know it, and own it. Then you will feel confident despite what size you are. And if it really bothers you that much, just cut-out the size tag inside!

See the article here:

Frontrow Mag - Toronto Fashion Week

October 24, 2010 | By: Michelle

With major buzz on her first major runway presentation, Lauren Bagliore (pronounced “bal-your-ray” thanks to our trusty liner notes!), a Calgarian who is based in NYC, was all smiles backstage on Thursday night. “I’m so excited,” she told following her 30 look show, her official second season. “It’s really amazing when your vision comes to life.” That vision included some spectacular hand draped Italian viscose cocktail and floor length dresses, as well as a relaxed cowl neck cream top with slouchy drawstring pants, a major trend this season at LG. Aside from the her signature architectural draped frocks, which were stellar, her take on the legging, showing white, sheer ones gathered at the ankle, were a fresh take on the sometimes overused trend.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Toronto Sun - Best of Toronto Fashion Week

Best of Toronto Fashion Week
Editors' top picks
Last updated: October 24, 2010

Wearable wardrobe staple: with leggings looking like they're around for another season, Lauren Bagliore's options in black nylon and sheer cotton ivory add some interest to the skinny pants without getting too crazy. (Jack Boland/QMI Agency)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Discovering Jewels

Lauren Bagliore SS11

BY: Julia Black

Lauren Bagliore, pronounced "Bal-your-ray" is surely a name I will never forget. The extraordinary designer wowed her audience last night at LG Fashion Week with her striking Spring/Summer 2011 collection. With dramatic drapes, righteous ruchings, sexy stripes, heavenly hoods, and refreshingly unique contrasts of the darkest darks with the chalkiest lights, the sensational line was memorable. Ms. Bagliore has "cut her teeth" into some of the worlds' most acclaimed design houses such as Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen and Libertine, to which it is no wonder her edgy yet seemingly comfortable designs are turning heads across the globe. Thank you Lauren Bagliore, you are a ravishing ray of light.

Photo Credit: Ravi Lall

See the entry on Julia's blog here:

Sweet Life - Lauren Bagliore Runway Coverage

Lauren Bagliore

lg fashion week s/s 2011

Mia Shulman

Who says spring fashion has to be all flowers and lace? Lauren Bagliore proves a little edge goes a long way when it comes to creating a chic collection for spring.

Black and white ruled the runway, and models sauntered down in comfy fabrics like jersey, cotton-tulle and gauzy knit. Elegant draping and asymmetrical touches, like stitching that zig-zagged across an ivory tulle dress, and one-shouldered dresses lent a quirk to the simple collection. Even the leather pieces, like a skirt that had leather draped elegantly in front, looked cool and cosy.

Standouts were the boleros with layered fabric in stripes around the shoulders, convertible jersey tops with a cowl necks worn over the head like a hood, or loose around the shoulders, and our favourite of the night was the silk draped dress with the charmeuse under-layer.

A great spring collection, and not a floral in sight.

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Satisfashion Blog - Lauren Bagliore at LG Fashion Week

Jay Strut from Satisfashion posted live pictures from the Lauren Bagliore runway show!

Great textures
Assymetrical plays
Good proportions and silhouettes
Interesting volumes
Knows how to drape
Cool necklines and french
Cowl neck hoodies

I'm obsessed with her attention to details. Just found out the fabric is all imported from Italy. Gorgeous pieces that you know will just make you feel super crazy, sexy cool when you wear them. Dramatic accents to simple ideas and pieces make it the most perfect fashion forward avant-garde but wearable collection. I'm eating this all up right now. The draping in this collection is just other worldly!! Where have you been hiding! I still can't get over it.. I have to say that this is definitely one of my favorites of this season. I am literally having an overwhelming sense of excitement just watching this show right now!! I am so wanting so many of the things from this runway and would rock some of these pieces sooo good!!! AHHHH haha... p.s. to Lance's mom, it was a pleasure having "moments" falling in love with the collection with you!!!

LG Fashion Week Blog!

Lauren Bagliore

The story of Lauren Bagliore’s show was hinted at in a card placed on show-goers seats. She stated that because of personal tragedy, she almost didn’t create this collection. Well, I, for one, am happy she did. Amazing black dresses that had hidden deconstructed parts, transparent slouchy drawstring leggings (they were fantastic), and innovative draping were the highlights of this show.

Toronto Sun - Lauren Bagliore at LG Fashion Week!

A theatrical debut for Lauren Bagliore

October 22, 2010

Black and white is an easy recipe for drama, and Lauren Bagliore indulged fully in these ingredients in her debut show at Toronto's fashion week on Thursday night.

The designer, who has worked with Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen and Paul Hardy, splits her time between New York and Calgary, and noted in her programme that she endured personal tragedy this year.

The emotion could be seen in the high melodrama of her creations, consisting greatly of

body-hugging jersey in one-shouldered tanks and asymmetrical dresses.

The collection was nearly fully monochromatic, save for some pieces in heather grey and one stunning blush rose silk jacquard dress with a handkerchief hemlines and a visible under-layer.

Stripes, which look to become a staple this spring, were featured horizontally in dresses and tops, as well as arrow points on the waist of an ivory viscose dress.

A Grecian toga gown, aptly nam

ed "Athena" showed spectacular movement - virtually coming to life - as the convertible strap was held as a train in the model's train. Many other pieces showed function,

despite their starkness, as with the Desiree "Endless" dress that was shown as a shirt, an almost shoulderless sweater and of course, a dress.

Vertical lines, shown in the draping of cowl necklines, batwings that fluttered behind shoulders and billowing regions under arms, elongated almost every look.

Leggings, donned beneath the frocks, had shirred details and came in a sheer ivory and a sexy black nylon.

The most graphic elements were lace tank tops and Victorian jackets with buttons marching down the front, while drama was found in hoods that resembled a nun's habit.

See the full article here:

See the photo gallery from the runway show here!: