Friday, October 22, 2010

Satisfashion Blog - Lauren Bagliore at LG Fashion Week

Jay Strut from Satisfashion posted live pictures from the Lauren Bagliore runway show!

Great textures
Assymetrical plays
Good proportions and silhouettes
Interesting volumes
Knows how to drape
Cool necklines and french
Cowl neck hoodies

I'm obsessed with her attention to details. Just found out the fabric is all imported from Italy. Gorgeous pieces that you know will just make you feel super crazy, sexy cool when you wear them. Dramatic accents to simple ideas and pieces make it the most perfect fashion forward avant-garde but wearable collection. I'm eating this all up right now. The draping in this collection is just other worldly!! Where have you been hiding! I still can't get over it.. I have to say that this is definitely one of my favorites of this season. I am literally having an overwhelming sense of excitement just watching this show right now!! I am so wanting so many of the things from this runway and would rock some of these pieces sooo good!!! AHHHH haha... p.s. to Lance's mom, it was a pleasure having "moments" falling in love with the collection with you!!!