Friday, October 22, 2010

Bright, beautiful dresses borne of Lauren Bagliore’s grief

Published On Thu Oct 21 2010
Tracy NesdolySpecial to the Star

Personal tragedy nearly felled designer Lauren Bagliore, such that she wasn’t sure she could even create a collection this season.

Instead, she decided to turn pain into something more positive, and the result is what she calls The Resurrection: From the Dark to the Light. As the name suggests, she used a palette of black, white and grey, and did her best to make something beautiful out of grief.

Bagliore, a native New Yorker now living in Calgary, studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York before going on to work with the iconic Vivienne Westwood where she honed draping and advanced cutting techniques that have become her own signature.

Survival, then, came in the form of Sophia Loren-esque models wearing variations of her ruched and swagged jersey dresses, and the slouchy harem pants that have become something close to ubiquitous this fashion week.

Bagliore played with the dark and light idea with a few dresses swathed in netting: black over a white tank, and then white wrapped over black; in some cases the light and dark was in the form of stripes, and the “rising from the ashes” notion appeared in the form of a gorgeous white dress that looked shredded and torn, with a grey print underskirt ripped out from underneath.

It might have begun in sadness, but the result is a curve-loving collection that should make Bagliore’s customers most happy indeed.

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